We believe it’s important to have different processes in place in order to manage and maintain customers past, present and future. One of the best ways to do this is to develop a CRM process specific to your business and the way your customers work. There are many systems that automate this, but they might not necessarily be the right option for you.

As a relatively new business, we’re all about trying things out. We’ve tried a few different bits of software and one of our favourites was Pipedrive, which we continued to use beyond the free trial. The mailbox tool is a very useful one- as it tracks communications and relates them to ongoing ‘deals’. The only downside we found was the activity reminder tool- although this is customisable, it was quite easy to get buried in work/calls/emails with this feature.

Sprout Social is great for tracking leads via social media- unfortunately, it wasn’t a viable option for us in terms of subscription costs, but it did help up discover the right processes for Small Batch.

We always try to talk to people- whether that’s online or offline, then we gently remind them of who we are and what we do, along with any ideas we might have. This can be different for each customer segment, as their demographics may differ considerably. Some prefer phone calls and face-to-face meetings, whereas others prefer email.

The next step is to connect on social media and continue the conversation. The final step is setting up a meeting, where there is always coffee and cake. It’s never a hard sell, just relationship-building. We want people to know what we do and how we can help. Of course, we need to make money, but relationships are priceless.

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